My Books, My Babies

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Wanderer of Worlds

If the worlds don't kill them, the Authorities will

Daeson and Synjan are fleeing the Hunter sent after them by the Authorities. They are able to shift from world to world but the Hunter is an experienced tracker with exceptional resources. With multiple characters working both with and against them, the Wanderer of Worlds book series is a complex contemporary fantasy that challenges both protagonist and antagonist at every turn.


Femme : Light

A touch of romance with a touch of slavery

Kaley Blackburn is a sheltered young woman sent by her University to the world of Femme. Whilst there, she is awestruck by the magnificence of the futuristic world but is confronted by the culture of slavery, when she is assigned a man named Mecca to assist her for the duration of her stay.


Blue Shift

When the lights come, unplug everything.

Featuring the 'Second Life' novella with extra bonus short stories. UFOs, damning prophecies, evil laboratories and persistent madness resides here - all with a science fiction or speculative twist.

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Australian Pen Collection

An annual themed short story compilation by Australian authors

A compilation of short stories written by myself and other award-winning authors, including Linda Conlon, Duncan Richardson and Sophie L. Macdonald. Titles include 'Obliquity' (twisty-turny stories), 'Futurevision' (predictions galore) and ‘The Evil Inside Us’ (psychological + crime)



A vampire series - written, awaiting revision

Ben Samson has an obsessive desire to become a vampire and is spoilt for choice between two sires. Lazarus and Kerr are unequivocal opposites. At first Ben's preference is clear but the more he discovers, the more he doubts his instincts. He doesn't want to spend immortality with a connection to the wrong man.