There is not one world, but many.
Wanderers can travel between the worlds.
The Authorities want to stop them. Permanently.



...a world filled with hatred and corruption, one ravaged by war.

Imagine that on this world you are a prisoner of circumstances beyond your control.

Imagine there were two different ways to leave that world.

Imagine your relief, your hope.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The first way is legal and civilised, and controlled by the Authorities. You merely purchase a ticket and sit in a chair within an Authority portal—a massive machine with the comforts of first class flight travel. You would choose your destination from out of a brochure. You would be put to sleep and wake up in a beautiful new world where a benevolent society would help you build a better life.

Imagine that the ticket is priced well out of your reach. An impossible prize dangled before you, tantalising you as something you can never have. Imagine your dismay. Your bitterness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The other option out of your world is criminal, one where the punishment is death should you be caught. There is a bloodline—a Wanderer bloodline—that has the ability to activate a beam of light that threads through every world. It can take you to the next world, and the next if the world you land in is no better. If you have that bloodline, you can escape. If you know someone with that bloodline, all you need to do is take their hand.

Would you risk it, knowing that the Authorities would send Hunters after you? Specialists who would track you down and kill you?

Would you Wander?


Wanderer Of Worlds

Synjan Walker is a Navigator, she can not only see life-forms but also the lay of the land. She can find anybody—even if they don’t want to be found—because life-patterns are unique, like thumbprints. She knows how to find the Portal to escape her violent life, but she finds it difficult to escape her obligations.

Daeson of Cloverlea sees the truth when people lie but their secrets are the cause of his undoing. When he loses his livelihood, he is forced to head for the closest city for work but he never arrives. Heeding the call of the Portal, Daeson mistakenly enters a new world and is forced to deal with thieves and killers instead.

The moment Daeson touches the portal, it sends a flare that attracts the attention of the Authorities – an organisation that has created portals of their own and deemed all other portal travel illegal. To them, Wanderers are the locusts that merely feed off different worlds, offering nothing in return. Their solution is to send trained assassins called Hunters after those who dare to defy their rule.



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