North Lakes Writers' Group (NLWG)

I am pleased to be one of the founders of North Lakes Writers' Group. I currently continue my role as admin for the group, along with Jodie Lane. There was a need for a writers' group that gave feedback on existing projects, (such as manuscripts in progress). There are already many networking-heavy and social writers' groups, and also those that provided homework tasks. North Lakes Writers' Group is aimed towards writers who want feedback on their own projects.


We are a peer-to-peer critiquing group, for writers interested in receiving honest feedback on their existing projects from other writers, at no financial cost.

We do not assign homework tasks. There is no obligation to attend all of our meetings. There is no obligation to read out your work during the meetings, but we do request you offer feedback.

We have over 45 members on our database, and about a dozen members attend regularly. We usually see between 6 - 10 people each meeting. We hand out note-cards for writing feedback on and pass around a book for attendees to write in their name and whether or not they're reading (so we can record attendee numbers over time plus allocate the correct reading/discussion timer).

When someone is reading, the other members write down their thoughts on a piece. After the reading is finished, everyone chats organically about what they heard. At the end of the discussion, the note-cards containing the feedback are handed over to the person who read, and the process is repeated. We find that feedback can be absorbed and compared better the next day, with the cards.


  • Writers of fiction or dramatised non-fiction.

  • Adults 18+ as there has been discussion of adult themes. (Feedback on sexual tension, violent description, use of profanity, etc).

Please note we are primarily writers of fiction and have educated ourselves in the craft of fiction. We have a broad mix of attendees in all genres of fiction and at varying stages of skill and publication. Those who write memoirs or other dramatised non-fiction may find our meetings of interest also.

Not well suited for

  • Journalists, bloggers or article writing

  • Technical writing (or anything specifically factual instead of fictional)

  • Screenwriters or playwrights

  • Poets

If you write any of the above-mentioned work, please do not be disheartened if you still wish to come - we will welcome you! We ask that you keep in mind that we are primarily fiction writers and have taken courses, studied or published within that scope. Feedback on other types of writing would primarily become from an 'audience' rather than 'peers'. And ‘audience’ feedback is still useful!


We meet on THIRD Thursday of every month from 6pm to 7.45pm (with the exception of December).

Event Room, Level 1, North Lakes Library, The Corso, North Lakes (undercover parking access from Endeavour Boulevard on left turn only)
North Lakes Library: 3480 9900

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If North Lakes Writers' Group seems like the kind of group for you, please join our member database. You will receive a single reminder email a few days before each meeting.

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North Lakes Library is on the corner of The Corso and Endeavour Boulevard.

There are two access points to the parking lot. One is driving north from Endeavour Boulevard. The driveway is available on the left turn only. It is the first driveway and sometimes hidden by street-parked cars. If you need to turn right from Endeavour Boulevard ( driving South), you should turn right into Lakefield Drive instead - a lit intersection - where there is another driveway.


There are lifts are in the centre of the underground carpark. Press 1 for the library.

You can also park on the Corso and enter through the Community Hub. There are lifts and stairs available to take you to the library. The Library is on Level 1.  (The Community Hub is on level 2).

The library entrance faces the Level 1 foyer. Amenities that can also be found on the Level 1 foyer include toilets, showers and parent rooms, positioned behind the large spiral staircase.

When entering the Library, the librarian counter is to your left. Our meeting room is on the right. We will be in the combined Event Rooms 1 & 2 if there is no other booking on our meeting night.  Ask a librarian if you are unsure.

There are tea and coffee facilities near the event room - please help yourself.

We close the meeting at 7:45pm because the lifts automatically lock at 8pm and require a security guard to unlock them for carpark access. Do not be alarmed if the carpark door has rolled down - there is a sensor in place that detects approaching cars and it lifts the roller door up for you.

Happy writing!