Blue Shift

When the lights come, unplug everything. And stay indoors.

Brenda has lived in Dungoora for as long as she can remember, just like everyone else in the outback Australian town. She lives with an old man that could be her grandfather and a young girl that could be her daughter... except they're not. That's the only thing she's sure of.

The secret that bonds the small community is both comforting and claustrophobic. Brenda feels like she can't escape but there is also an unwillingness to, because the world beyond seems foreign and unwelcoming.

As the new moon rises in a dark sky, Brenda and the rest of the townsfolk hide in their homes, waiting for the lights that always come. Sometimes, they leave someone behind, and Brenda solves a mystery she never wanted to explore.

As well as the novella 'Second Life', Blue Shift offers a bonus collection of short fiction, including the award-winning short story 'The Song'.


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