About the Author - Delia Strange

As an only child with an active imagination, I created many stories through the use of my toys. My bookcase was overflowing and I loved visiting the library. I'd always been a reader but I hadn't considered writing until a childhood friend said we should write our ideas down. Once I started writing my stories, I couldn't stop.

Delia's best serious face. No, really.

Delia's best serious face.
No, really.

Giggle face takes over. That's more like it.

Giggle face takes over.
That's more like it.

I gravitated to stories of peculiar places and happenings. I was a real Twilight Zone fan, narrated by the enigmatic Rod Serling. I loved the twists and dark reveals and my writing initially didn't stray far from that. I was always a fan of fantasy - of Greek myths of old or contemporary paranormal stories. They captured my imagination and opened me to worlds of possibilities. There were no constraints on fantasy, no wrong or right answers; anything I dreamed up was acceptable.

In high school I met my closest friend in life (my soul friend) and she wrote with me. We started an awful (terrible!) horror novel together called Nightschool but after a few weeks (or maybe months?) of that, we moved onto our beloved Wanderers.

We never looked back.

For National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I wrote a science fantasy novel called Femme that borrowed one of the worlds from our Wanderer series. It was its own story, with characters that were separate to the ones we were always discussing and planning - not Daeson, Hawke and Synjan... but Kaley and Mecca. As dear as Femme will be in my heart for being my debut, my love remains with the original trio of Wanderers.

In my private life I'm married with a daughter, and have two cats.

About the Co-Author - Linda Conlon

I am the firstborn child of a baker and a housewife and I think it’s very much due to my parents’ loving, accepting natures that my life has always been happy and straightforward. Born in 1973 in Brisbane, I became a teacher – my life never straying far from the institution of education.

Linda's genuine smile. She gets it right first time.

Linda's genuine smile.
She gets it right first time.

As a child, I was a voracious reader. Whether I was on one of our numerous family holidays, travelling to my younger brother’s incessant sporting events or just lazing around at home, I was reading. It was a running joke in our family, that I never had my nose out of a book. My parents eventually learned not to pester me about the life I was ‘missing’ beyond those beloved pages; I didn’t care. I was living hundreds of lives vicariously.

When I met Delia, that changed. She opened the world of writing for me and I experienced for the first time the wonder of creating, rather than just experiencing.

In everyday life, I am encouraged by many wonderful friends, my brother and my father, but no-one is a greater champion for me than David, the man I live with and the love of my life. Although he mourns the loss of our online gaming time together, his encouragement and enthusiasm for my writing is boundless. Of course, being a full time teacher makes it difficult to devote as much time to it as I’d like, but wordcrafting is my passion.

Now, I don’t read nearly as much as I write and I’m very much looking forward to publishing the stories Delia and I began together as seventeen year old ingénues. It’s time we told them to someone besides each other.



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